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Tea plantation

We would like to be perfect hosts for you and make your stay at our hotel an unforgettable experience. Recommendations belong to our services for your travel planning and the organisation of your stay also, recommendations to places of interest and support with the communication with the natives.

If requested we also organise complete packages for you – individually and spontaneously.

Lagoons Tour

Arugam Bay is surrounded by beautiful and unspoiled landscapes. Extensive mangrove forests grow in the lagoons of Pottuvil. Roots and branches of mangroves form above and under water important habitats for many exotic animals. Colourful birds, bathing elephants, crocodiles resting and numerous monkeys can be seen from the boat. Local fishermen casting their nets from here. Wading on small fishing boats or in water they catch a wide variety of animals.

A two-hours boat tour through this fascinating seascape can be booked directly at the hotel.

Kumana National Park

With a Jeep the Yala National Park East – also known as Kumana National Park, can be reached in a short time. The unique paradise is situated about 25 km south of Arugam Bay and offers fascinating insights into the tropical natural environment with its exotic animals and plants. This vast nature reserve can be explored with a local guide, which you should take a few days for it. The park covers an area of ​​18,000 hectares. Similar jungle forests interspersed with rivers, lakes and savanna-like steppe. This unspoiled nature is home to a unique botany, fauna and birdlife. During the breeding season, which begins in early June, the marsh lakes provide excellent nesting waterfowl. Pelican colonies, spoonbills, storks and herons are found in droves. Peacocks live here with sloth bears, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, mongooses and water buffalo. With a little luck, also show leopard.

A day trip is available locally.


Haputale is a small town on the southern hills of the Uva Province. The city is located about 1500 meters above sea level and is surrounded by tea plantations. They pull over hills and valleys. Small villages with wonderful beautiful orchards and vegetable gardens are scattered in the landscape.

East of Haputale is the Dambatenne tea factory. The factory was from the 19th century. built by Thomas Lipton. A guided tour of the individual sections shows a factory machinery from the colonial period, processing with loud shaking and rattling the leaves. An intense and captivating scent of tea leaves is in the air.

Through the tea plantations leads to the Lipton`s Seat. From here you have a magnificent view of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Haputale has a small railway station. The train reached Kandy in about 6 hours. The rail network was built in the 19th century by the English, and has not changed since then. At a rate of 15 to max. 30 hours kilometers the train goes through tea plantations, where the pickers are visible as colored highlights. This is one of the most scenic parts of Sri Lanka.


Kandy has a special charm. Settled between several mountains lies the town in a stunning green landscape. Typical English buildings from the colonial era characterize the city. All the spices of Sri Lanka offered in the large market. Uncommon Scents above the colorful market stalls. Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are sold here.

At the Kandy Lake, an artificial lake, offers daily a breathtaking spectacle. Thousands of fruit bats rising from the trees and drag across the lake. The lake is also to discover bathing monitor lizards. The botanic garden is worth seeing. The beautiful green area with many exotic flowers, shrubs and trees forms the calming influence of the city. The trees are full of fruit bats – a bat-like mammal that in tropical and subtropical regions is widespread

The town is renowned by the Temple of the Tooth – Sri Dalada Maligawa, It was built in the 18th century. Here the holy relic of the canine of the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama is kept. The shrine is open daily for one hour three times: in the morning, in the morning and evening. In August each year, and probably most significant festival of Sri Lanka takes place here: the Esala Perahera. Then the holy relic is done on the back of an elephant through the streets. Flag bearers, bands, dancers, fire eaters and richly decorated elephants form a colorful city street.


Mirissa, Sri Lanka in the south west, offers a heavenly sight. The crescent-shaped bay with a palm-fringed white sand beach is perfect for swimming and relaxing. In many small beach restaurants offer wonderful seafood straight from the grill. Pure relaxation.

From November to late April whale watching tours are offered. Whales and dolphins are here to watch in large numbers and with luck some sea turtles. An unforgettable experience.


In Trincomalee, called Trinco, you will find a beautiful old natural harbor with colorful boats, a colorful Hindu temple and a old Dutch fort. At the site of the present temple of the legendary Temple of the Thousand Columns once supposed to have been. In 1622 it was destroyed by the Portuguese. They dumped him over a cliff into the sea.

The fishing village of Nilaveli north of the city is inviting with its snow-white long sandy beach for swimming. The offshore island Pigeon Iceland can be reached by boat in a short time. Surrounded by coral reefs, this area boasts one of the few snorkel districts of Sri Lanka. Colorful schools of fish, starfish, sea turtles, octopus and many other sea inhabitants can be observed in the azure sea here. The colorful underwater world guarantees unforgettable impressions and experiences of nature. A few kilometers west of Trincomalee is the miracle of the Hot Wells: Several sources, despite the close proximity have different temperatures.

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